Celebrating the beauty of art and the art of beauty!

Working with Oil paint was something I fell in love with in highschool. I had an amazing art teacher (Adam Gray) who's inspiration, patience, and amazing dedication shines through my work still today. I now am one of the owners of The Studio an art studio space located at 291 Lisbon Street Lewiston, Maine. I live in a world where I am fortunate enough to be inspired by other artists in my community, as well as the events of my everyday life! I feel as though my work as a stylist in a busy salon, advocate for LGBTQ+ youth, community organizer and activist, transends through my artwork. I like to say that I paint feelings. I hope that you are moved by my work as it moves me! Most of these works can be purchased. If you are interested in any certain piece email me [email protected] for pricing info.